Who do you share my data with?

Our privacy policy outlines how we may share personal data.

If consent is given, your data may be shared with the charity you are supporting.

If you enter a competition, data may be shared with the retailers involved – if consent is given.

If you submit a customer query or a claim, data may be shared with the retailer involved for the sole purpose of investigating the query or claim.

In addition, like most websites we use various analytical and marketing tools to monitor how the website is used and advertise our services across the interenet, such as Google Analytics, Heap Analytics and Facebook Advertising. Any personal data captured by or provided to these tools are only used for our purposes. In GDPR-speak, they are a ‘Data Processor’ rather than a ‘Data Controller’ – they are processing the data on our behalf and do not own the data or use the personal data for their own purposes.

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