Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky's 'Anti-Banner' may block Give as you Live donations to your charity. This is because adblockers will, by default, block some of the vital tracking technology that lets retailers know you are shopping via Give as you Live.

If you have Kaspersky installed please add our white list to Kaspersky which includes the URLs we use for tracking. Download to your computer the whitelist.csv file which is attached to this article. 

Then to add our links to your Kaspersky Anti-Banner white list:

  1. Open the Settings window in Kaspersky Internet Security 
  2. In the settings window, select 'Protection Center' and click 'Anti-Banner'. 
  3. In the section 'Add Banner Addresses Manually', click the link 'Configure Allowed URLs' 
  4. In the 'Allowed URLs' section click on the button which looks like a sheet of paper with an arrow pointing right
  5. Click on 'Import and Add to Existing'
  6. Browse to the whitelist.csv file you saved to your computer and click 'Open'
  7. This should populate the allowed URLs list with our tracking links
  8. Close Kaspersky and restart your internet browser.  

Click below to download the whitelist CSV file:

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