How to install the Give as you Live Donation Reminder

Install the Donation Reminder so you’ll never miss the opportunity to raise money for your favourite cause through Give as you Live.

To install the Give as you Live Donation Reminder go to:

Then you can visit the retailers website directly and the Donation Reminder will show at the top of your screen. When the toolbar pops up make sure you are signed into your account and that the toolbar is switched 'on'. Please note this is for PC/Laptops/Macs not tablets or smart phones. (The Donation Reminder is not enabled for Amazon, John Lewis and eBay due to retailers terms and conditions. Please use the website or app for these sites)

You can also use the Give as you Live favourites icon if you use Google chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox and have the tool bar installed. The favourites icon will display on the top of your browser (the heart with the shopping cart inside Give as you Live button ). Click on the icon and this will load your favourites, then click on the store you wish to shop at, or search for a new store in the search option. This will redirect you to the retailers website where you can shop as normal.


Also with the Donation Reminder:

Give as you Live on your search engine: Give as you Live works with any search engine, including Google. Simply enter your search term into the search engine, and if any stores listed in the search results are Give as you Live partner stores, a small Give as you Live button image is displayed along with the donation percentage or amount associated with the store.


The Give as you Live Donation Reminder Colour System: The Give as you Live Donation Reminder can be found at the top of the browser page on partner stores' sites. When visiting a store's website, the bar allows you to activate Give as you Live and start raising funds. The bar uses a colour system to enable you to see if Give as you Live is active on a website.

If you would like to check that Give as you Live is tracking, simply view the bar at the top of the web page. The bar will display in a number of states:

  • The word "On" with a green background confirms you are raising money.
  • The word "Click to raise money on <store name>" with a red background indicates that you need to click the bar to switch on Give as you Live on the store site.
  • If you are not signed in, the bar will prompt you to sign in and will have a orange background.

If no bar is visible, either the store does not participate in Give as you Live or the Donation Reminder is not enabled on their site. If the tool bar is not enabled for their site please shop via the Give as you Live website or app. 

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