What’s the best way to get started in promoting Give as you Live?

The best way to get started is to access the Give as you Live toolkit. You can do this via the Everyclick Admin System or via our website here.


You can find everything you need in there to promote Give as you Live. You can add information to the charities website. We provide email content to help you spread the word to your internal teams aswell as supporters.


We also provide social media tools, offline materials (posters, flyers, pledge cards). We also offer branded / bespoke campaigns for charities.


If you need help using the toolkit, or if you would like to request some branded materials please contact the charity team by calling 0800 883 8450.


We also have a handy Charity promotional guide which gives you some easy steps on how to get started with promoting Give as you Live. Download the guide from the attachment on this FAQ. 

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