Why is my purchase showing as pending?

When you have made a purchase your transaction goes through a number of different stages. The whole process can take up to 4 months, taking into account the 28 days we have to wait to allow for refunds and exchanges.  

The different stages are:

Pending – Your purchase has been successfully tracked and we are now waiting for the store to approve the purchase

Approved - Your transaction has been approved by the store. Everyclick is now waiting for the funds to be received from the store before we can update your funds total

Paid – The funds you have raised are now being processed for disbursement to your cause

Declined - This means that the store has declined your transaction and therefore your cause will not receive the funds.

We guarantee to pass on all Give as you Live donations to your chosen cause once we have received them. We pay charities on a monthly basis, and once funds have been received we will transfer the funds in the next available payment run.

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