My purchase is not showing in my Give as you Live account

There are a number of reasons that transactions may not be showing in your account, the main things to check are:

  • That you are signed into your Give as you Live account and made sure you used Give as you Live when you shop online. We need to know who you are in order to assign your purchases to your account. It should say your name on the Give as you Live site and on the shopping bar if you have it installed. 
  • That your purchases were eligible for commission/donation. You can check a stores terms and conditions on the store pages on our website, by clicking on the 'Store info' option on the tool bar or 'store details' in our app.  
  • If you have a ad-blocker installed it is not interfering with our tracking. See more information here
  • If you have antivirus installed that it is not interfering with our tracking. See more information here.  
  • If you go through another source other than Give as you Live when shopping such as a advert, another cash back site or a voucher code site your purchases may have tracked to that website. Please ensure you go through Give as you Live when shopping online so we can claim a commission/donation for your charity. 

To inquire about a purchase that isn't showing in your Give as you Live account, simply log into your account and select "Make a claim".

Please note that we update user transactions daily, and that some transactions can take a couple of days to come through. Therefore, please wait until a few days after the purchase before making a claim.

Once the claim has been submitted, it may a few months for us to receive the information we require from the stores to settle your claim.


If you need any further assistance regarding purchases not tracking please submit a support ticket to our customer services team. 

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    Angela Cooper

    How do I make a claim if the name of the retailer is not on the list of stores you think I have visited

  • Avatar
    Chris Fresson

    Hi Angela,

    Please contact our help desk either online or by calling 0800 883 8450 so we can investigate this for you.

    Kind Regards


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